Woodland Tracks is the aptly named title of my personal website and blog, which I have constructed in the hope of helping me catalogue and record the variety of track and sign I come across whilst exploring then natural world. Hopefully by making this site I can share and discuss my discoveries and give something to outdoor lovers and naturalist alike! 

By developing and encouraging the use of track and sign interpretation, we are invited to rediscover and reignite an ancient practice which reconnects us with our physical landscapes; further enabling us to better understand our place and purpose within the natural world. 

Red Fox Tracks

About me... 

My name is Rob Brumfitt, a young dry stone waller, with a passion for the outdoors, nature and in particular wildlife track and sign. I became interested in tracking in my early teens, spending much of my time exploring my home ranges of the Pennines. During this time I became fascinated with the idea of being able to decipher animal species and behaviours purely from the signs they leave behind. I persued this at unviersity studying a degree in Wildlife and Media and later going onto achieving a Level 3 specialist certification in wildlife track and sign through the Cybertacker evaluation system. Ultimately I am always seeking to expand my knowledge, to learn and to share what I know with other enthusiasts alike!